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How America has chabged

Post by davido » Sat Oct 13, 2018 4:41 am

Since 2000 to 2008 eight million Americans have left.
u.s news abd workd report july 8 2008

Even today children are keaving.
I have a daughter teaching schoil in Viet Nam after being iver worked and over taxed.
I have aniother who will retire abroad.
I estimate since 2000 21 milkukn hsve left.
This.does not dominate headlines but peopke are leaving.
Every country in the planet have substantial numbers of expats.Many are being led by The Spirit I know.
I saw a program beginning 'What is happening to white men USA and I was not able to watch it.
In tbe 1960s we never had school police or shootings.
Too 2900 stores closed in 2017.
Trump has many new low paying jobs.
I saw 2/3rds churchs apostasise in 2009 and many old church members are indoctrinated to avoid criticism of the sermons with no scripture nor a munister wearing the monisters robes.i saw a pidcast in my okd luthersn church of a msn wearing tge robes givibg a sermon with no refefance to God nor the bibke rather about a sponge!
Why are we not talkjng about our natuons chsnging xharacter?

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