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Post by dolph » Wed May 01, 2013 2:53 pm

fatherfisher wrote:According to Daniel 12.1-2 the Jews whose names are written in the book will be part of the first resurrection, so would receive glorified bodies just as Gentiles will at that time. This would include Daniel himself (v.13).
I would agree, only the Jews who accept Christ immediately after His second coming, when they see the holes in His side and hands, will rule and evangelize the world in their earthly bodies. But the Jews saved during the tribulation will become part of the Bride and receive glorified bodies.

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Post by Justaned » Wed May 01, 2013 3:08 pm

fatherfisher wrote:In writing about the origin of the rapture teaching among Plymouth Brethren, he pointed out just what I have shared: that Darby claimed to have come to his views based on his own study of 2 Thessalonians with the help of a minister named Tweedy; and that probably both Darby and Irving (the other one usually mentioned in connection with the rapture doctrine in England) got to thinking about it all from the Bible conferences they attended years earlier.

According to Bruce, the name of the woman who actually gave a Spirit-inspired "utterance" (not a dream or vision) in Irving's church in 1832 was Emily Cardale. But again, Bruce says the rapture viewpoint had already been making the rounds and was taught in English churches years earlier, by various ministers including Percy Hall and G.V. Wigram.
Bruce specifically says Darby was never influenced by Margaret Macdonald?
If he does I find that most interesting as many others testify that Margaret Macdonald was the influence to Darby.

And I don't disagree the concept of the Rapture was mentioned before but it was always dismissed or forgotten. It wasn't until Darby intellectualized it that Scofield and others ceased upon it.

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