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Re: VIDEO: Wealth Inequality in America

Post by davido » Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:24 pm

There is no lack of scripiture for giving aside from tithing.
Gods blessings in areas outside of money are perhaps
the the best blessings. Blessings from God are essential,
financial, but those beyond money are far greater than
financial abundance.

Tithing is manipulation to set 10% as the standard of
which the Levitical priesthood, only the rich gave
that amount. For many families to tithe would mean
the children would suffer even to nutrition while the
church leaders drive nice cars and their children
are abundently fed. Because God hath not ordained
ten percent as the standard for all but the wealthy
is deceiving those ignorant of the scripture and places
false guilt. The bible is full of scriptire aside from
tithing that encourages the believer to care for
the ox that labors. I'm listening yesterday to an
online evangilist that preaches tithing for building
of a church, but you know, all the major denominations
use a pledge, having shown the congregation the cost
and people will meditate on and give as liberally
to the building fund via a pledge, thats an agreement
between them and God. As for me, thats the correct
motive, rather than to teach something that is not
true. Actually ten percents for the wealthy is below
todays giving by the wealthy, of which under the
tithe misapplied to todays economy, would let
the very wealthy get off the hook so easily while
a working mans children would be lacking nutrition
and necessities. Thus the redistribution of ones
wealth would cause the wealthy to hold back
a larger amount while the poor would be suffering.
Thats the social injustice with the tithe. The
promised return to the wealthy under todays tithings
is just the same as the poor family going without
to tithe. Lets let God set the image of what percent
God requires from each man. One can measure either
as people will give liberally not necessarily ten percent
and on their demise they may well leave their entire
estate to the church. One cannot be the measurer
for God. I too notice the online ministries on television
are primarily pushing tithing of which unlike the locale
church is completely voluntary. But in the local church
the support of the church is more essential and the
current method of giving via pledges, and offerings
is sufficent and fair to all income brackets. It is not
for man to set ten percents for all people to give
when for one ten percent is not caring for his family
and for another giving ten percent is far too little.

In an age where one man is a professional, another
a worker making half the union scale, yet another
making union scale and as taxes go up, the standard
of living goes down. Even workers can't break even
with the u.s. healthcare costs, the amount of medical
for non paying patients. You cannot in clear conscious
tell everyone that God demands ten percent from everyone
as He never did that even under the Levitical system.
Thus ten percent was never done by other than the
wealthy in the agri system. Too a percent of the
fields during the Levitical preisthood were not
harvested thus the poor could gleam the grain.
If the poor were gleaning the grain left for them,
what then could they possibly tithe. Actually for
the poor they gave a free will offering to The Lord
for the temple administration. You can't set ten percent
and not lie, beacause God never said ten percent for
all but rather only the wealthy. It's a lie that a poor
man should be required to give ten percent and it never
Thus thou shant not steal, thou shalt not lie is
a command of God that no man should suffer
the little children. If God returns 20% to rich because
of the market demands for his product, and God
returns even a percent to the poor man, the
rich are being blessed moreover than the poor man.
Ther is no justrice of God in that at all.
God never said other than the wealthy they should
give ten percent and thats a flat out lie.

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