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Civil War

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Re: Civil War

Post by Ironman »

Did you know before this election process just how unsecure our present voting system in the USA is?
Evidence is pilling up like crazy with hundreds of eye witness testimony per notarized affidavits.

And have you noticed how the Leftist mantra keeps shifting?
There is no fraud.​

Well, but there's not a lot of fraud.​

Well, there's probably not enough fraud to reverse the count in Trump's favor.​

We need to be really upset with this regardless of who the winner turns out to be.

Certain stacks of ballots were being run through the machine twice (counted twice).​
Signature verification not being checked.​
Dead people's names being used on ballots.​
Ballots being turned in of people who no longer lived in the state.​
Mail postmarks not being checked.​

And the leftist media isn't reporting ANY of it.
And if you try to post about it on Facebook or Twitter it gets flagged and removed.

The ease of how this voting process can be fraudulently manipulated is frightening.

Galatians 4: 16, Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

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Re: Civil War

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It's perhaps the most blatant psy-op that I can remember seeing in my lifetime.

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