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Re: My Critique of Dake's (Youtube Vid)

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Can't say I've ever found any "errors" in any of my DARB's and I own 4 plus the software, as well as GPFM and several other hard copies of his books.

There are doctrinal and theological errors according to some. Also some typos I'm sure.

I suppose I've never considered any because I don't look for them.

I've read many negative articles about Brother Dake and his Bible. None of it ever swayed me or pushed me off his great work.

I can only say that I walked into a bible bookstore in Myrtle Beach, SC, and it caught my attention. I'm sure the size and shape had something to do with it (at least a full 8 1/2 X 11 and thin), but I truly believe the Holy Spirit led me to it. The copyright on my addition is 1997. I bought it on 4/20/1999. Eighteen years now. I've bought three more since (smaller version, large print (which I traded someone straight up a full set of bible commentaries for), and more recently the NKJV edition, not to mention the software twice. Once when I had a Microsoft PC, and again when I switched to a Mac. I also have installed a version of Dake's notes on two bible phone apps. So, I think it's fair to say that I'm sold on the product along with his associated theology and doctrines.

I was hooked the moment I cracked open the first one in SC. I was completely drawn into the reading of Dake's unique insights, many of which I had never heard of before. I can only say I responded with eagerness to read more, rather than feeling any rejection of his views. I knew immediately it was a right choice. There is no question the Holy Spirit confirmed it.

That, in my opinion, is where the rub is. We can approach something like this with a pure and open heart and mind, or we can approach it with a critical and condemning spirit and attitude. We can listen to the Lord, or we can listen to the detractors.

I am so glad I listened to the Lord. Dake's ministry has been to me one of the most significant events in all of the 30 years I have been in full time pastoral ministry. I have literally learned more from him than from over 9 years of classroom study and training.


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Re: My Critique of Dake's (Youtube Vid)

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My Dake bible is really, really old now that I think about it. Plus I think I have all of Dake's books, even the bio that Leon did. I picked up one Dake bible on ebay a few years ago when I was hunting for another one that has a certain ISBN number because my cover is getting old. When I saw the price of one with the same ISBN as mine I was shocked. It was well over 2000 dollars! I was thinking I could just replace it and it would only be around 100 dollars. I was certainly wrong about that.

What I have found is that those that quickly oppose the work of Dake, don't really have solid scriptural arguments and most of the time it is because they do not take the Bible literally and keep it simple as Dake did. They are usually unsure of their foundation in a number of areas, yet fight hard at maintaining a doctrinal issue and don't expose those areas of uncertainty. To me that is fear of moving into new territory.

I remember Charles Capps saying one time that he heard a preacher say concerning a certain doctrine, "We believe it, but we ain't teachin' it in our church!"

Word up!

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