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Re: What has happened to believer's backbone?

Postby Ironman » Mon Jun 19, 2017 5:04 pm

macca wrote:Everything is gearing up to allow all that is good and Godly to be subdued and destroyed if possible.
The great falling away has begun and it is world wide in its scope.
Our hope is closer then many realize

It sure is macca.
I read in one of our papers yesterday that the gay and lesbian group have a politician raising a bill in state parliament to have the scriptures which renounce sodomy be removed and not mentioned to students.

THE NSW Government’s review of scripture in public schools deleted a section of a 2015 draft report showing children were exposed to lessons on the conservative Christian concept of “headship” – where women “submit” to their husbands – and negative messages on homosexuality.

The Department of Education released a final report in April, after a 17-month delay, with sections of the draft report that validated scripture opponents’ concerns about the growing and unacknowledged influence of evangelical Christian groups in state schools deleted or paraphrased.
The deleted sections included a primary principal’s difficulty obtaining evidence of working with children clearances from a special religious education (SRE), or scripture provider, and examples of children exposed to messages on gender and homosexuality that breached department guidelines.

The draft ARTD Consultants report found an unidentified major Christian publisher’s lesson material taught “the concept of ‘headship’ and that women should submit to their husbands, abstinence only sex education, negative LGBTI messages and that sexual intimacy is only acceptable to God between a married man and woman”.
The Department of Education deleted the sentence and replaced it with the words: “The text also contained messages about sex education, which is not appropriate or the role of SRE”.
Lesson material on "the concept of ‘headship’ and that women should submit to their husbands, abstinence only sex education, negative LGBTI messages and that sexual intimacy is only acceptable to God between a married man and woman".
- ARTD Consultants December, 2015 draft report.

More here;

http://www.theherald.com.au/story/47342 ... on/?cs=303

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Re: What has happened to believer's backbone?

Postby davido » Sun Sep 24, 2017 4:54 am

My grandfather laid the conorstone of the first Swedish Lutheran Church, my father prsident of the board the new church. Dad died in 1973, mom 1996 and three years later homosexuals voted homosexuality Central Lutheran Minneapolis. A half hour later a friek tornado broke the steeple with a cross off. When I was raised in the church I thought the congregation was Christian. Now I know many came out of tradition, social, business, community status. Because today many remain in a creature worshipping social tax exempt building. A psychology student wears the robes of a minister giving a talk without any reference to scripture nor of God.You ask what happened. Yet government in the 1950s taped the churchs mouth and L B Johnson further banned God. What happened is God stopped giving His vision to the nation which obviously we see America is no longer of God. Gods mouth was politically shut. In the 1960's no more were the 'called of God' in the pulpit as was before.
The message of salvation continues but God withdrew as the nation's God. Do you see riots, demonstrations now as compared to the former years?

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