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Re: Reverend Dake how to overcome sin and bad habits

Post by branham1965 » Sat May 13, 2017 1:12 am


luchnia wrote:Listening to Dake's lectures over and over and over there is no doubt he taught total purity in God and he taught that one was heart sanctified at the moment of the new birth - the born-again experience.

He did at times bring up some things that could be perceived to be slightly against total purity, yet in the bulk of his messages was you are pure in Christ and you must continue to stay pure. He certainly indicated that one could fall, thus the reason for staying pure, standing, remaining, enduring, and so on.

If you align with Dake's teaching you would have to wonder at this ultra grace thing! Pulling a few verses out of context and building on them and not balancing them across the board can easily put you in the ultra grace camp. I can see why the argument can be strong for ultra grace even though I disagree with it.
Yes I agree. Dake did a great job of balance. He would state a condition, yet he would not approve, authorize, accept or otherwise of sin and taught total purity and holiness in God. He maintained that it could not be tolerated and the sinner would perish in hell.

He stated that the unsaved and saved are not together in the true Church and that they could not be. He was definitely well balanced in his teachings.[/quote]

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